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Buy or Sell Holidays with Ease

If you’ve booked a holiday but – through no fault of your own – find yourself unable to go away as planned, it can be extremely disheartening. Not only were you looking forward to a well-earned break, your insurer is now refusing to reimburse you. If only there were a way to recover some of the hard-earned money that you’ve lost.
It can be equally frustrating if you’re a holiday maker looking for cheap deals. Looking for the best online offers can be extremely time-consuming; and, because the price of a brand-new holiday is so high, you may have decided to curtail your quest for a much-needed break. If only there were an easier way to find cheap holidays.
Holibuy is a thriving online marketplace that connects people selling their holiday with interested buyers looking for affordable deals. If an agreement can be reached between the two parties, the seller can recoup some of their loss – while the buyer will benefit from a holiday at a cheaper cost than if they’d bought it first hand.
If you’re a seller looking to offset the cost of our lost holiday, click here to register and create a profile. On the other hand, if you’re here to find competitive prices, you can use our search engine to find holidays in a variety of locations – ranging from Europe, Asia and Africa through to Australia and New Zealand and even South and North America.

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Seller Lists Their Holiday with Holibuy

Rather than lose the money they’ve spent on a holiday they can no longer take, a seller can list it on our website. Using Holibuy’s simple but effective search engine, prospective holidaymakers can locate the listing, compare it to other search items, and decide whether they want to take things further.

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Seller is Contacted Directly by the Buyer

If the seller’s listing is of interest to a prospective buyer, they’ll receive contact from the relevant party directly through Holibuy’s website. The topic of discussion at this stage will be price; depending on whether the seller accepts the offer made, the process may or may not progress to the next stage.

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Seller Receives Details Needed for Transfer

If the seller is happy with the price offer made by the buyer, they will receive an email from the concerned party that contains important information like names and dates of birth. It is then their responsibility to provide this information to their travel operator to enable a smooth transfer.

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Seller Receives Funds from the Buyer

Once the seller has provided their travel operator with the revised booking data, the process is almost complete. All that remains is for the buyer to log on and check that these changes have been effected. If they are happy with everything, they’ll be able to release funds to the seller via PayPal.

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Seller is Financially Better Off

Having received payment for their holiday directly from the buyer, the seller will have successfully offset their losses. Rather than writing off the cost of the break they were unable to take – and couldn’t recover through their insurance policy – they’ll be in a much stronger position financially.

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Buyer Searches for Their Holiday

The buyer uses our search engine to define their criteria and find holidays that meet their requirements. Our listings are changing all the time, so they should be able to find something suitable – whether they’re travelling solo, with a family, seeking adventure or need to relax somewhere quiet.

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Buyer Contacts Seller Directly

Having identified their perfect holiday, the buyer needs to take the next step by using our automated form to contact the seller directly and agree on a cost with them. Further steps may need to be taken by the buyer to secure their preferred listing.

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Buyer Supplies Details for Transfer

When both parties have agreed a price that is mutually beneficial, the next stage will involve the buyer supplying all the details needed to transfer the booking in to their name. This involves completing an automated form that includes important details such as names and dates of birth.

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Buyer Confirms Their Purchase

Providing the seller has contacted their travel agent with the updated passenger data – and the buyer has reviewed these changes and is happy – the funds can be released to the vendor via PayPal. This means no further actions are required by either the buyer or the seller from this point onward.

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Buyer is Able to Enjoy Their Holiday

With the transaction successfully completed, the buyer can take advantage of a well-earned break at a cost they’d otherwise have been unable to afford; at the same time, the seller can relax safe in the knowledge they’ve been able to recover some of the money they’d almost lost completely.

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