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Whether You’re Buying or Selling a Holiday, Make Holibuy Your no.1 Choice

If you need to buy a desk or television, but don’t want to pay the full price, you can visit an auction site and make an offer. Shouldn’t the same principle apply if you’ve booked a holiday and are – through no fault of your own - not able to get away as planned? Rather than lose the money you’ve spent on a short break away to Europe or a package holiday to Asia, you’d prefer to offset your losses by selling your holiday to an interested buyer.

Holibuy is a constantly growing online marketplace where people can sell their holidays to interested buyers looking for competitive deals. If they find a listing they like, they can contact the seller to agree on a cost. They then fill out a simple online form with all the details needed to transfer the booking, which they secure by paying a fee.

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Why Choose Holibuy?


We Make Buying or Selling a Holiday Easy

Looking for a cheap holiday shouldn’t be difficult – nor should you have to pay over the odds to get away from it all and take a much-needed break. With Holibuy, you can connect directly with registered users who have done all the hard work for you already. This means you won’t have to build your ideal holiday using online tools or enter into lengthy consultations with high street travel agents. Simply browse for your perfect holiday and contact the seller with an offer if you’re interested. Once you’ve supplied all the details needed to transfer the booking, you pay a fee and…well, that’s it. The holiday’s yours to keep!

We Have Holidays to Suit Everyone

If you’re looking for a cheap holiday but don’t know where to start, Holibuy is the perfect place to begin your search. New users are registering on our site every day, which means you’ll be able to browse lots of exciting listings for inspiration. If you know what you’re looking for then, equally, you should be able to find something that ticks all your travel boxes. Even if your perfect listing isn’t there today, it could be later – so make sure you keep coming back if you want to get to the front of the queue. We have short and long-term breaks for everyone. Run a search now for your ideal holiday to find out what’s available.


Our Service Benefits Buyers and Sellers

No one wants to cancel the holiday they’ve been looking forward to. Equally, they don’t want to lose the money they’ve spent on the booking, which their insurer refuses to reimburse them for. Holibuy provides holidaymakers in this predicament with an option to recover some of their losses. Best described as an online – and constantly growing – travel marketplace, it connects people looking for low cost breaks away with registered users on its site who need to sell their holiday. The buyer benefits from a fantastic deal they’d have struggled to find online or on the high street – and the owner of the listing loses less money.

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